Seize the Sun

Jan 5

Even moar Kirby Gijinkas.

Female helpers set

  1. Ribbon
  2. Adeleine
  3. Angie (The angel carrier from Epic Yarn)
  4. Dyna Blade
  5. Big Birdee (the fat mom bird from Mass Attack)

Notes: I know it’s not technically gijinka for Adeleine since she IS a human, but I wanted to give her a more proportioned look to match the other gijinkas. I took some liberties with Ribbon too. Her dress is mixed a bit with Cirno’s from Touhou. I’m still up in the air with Angie’s, but I think I want to go with the one on the far right. My favorite out of this set is probably Dyna Blade. The best part about bird gijinkas in Kirby is how easy it would be to turn their wings into capes/long sleeves. I did like Coo’s drapes, but I think Dyna blade’s wings would make a lovely cape.